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Web Design Pricing;

Following an initial free consultation we will offer a firm price deal for each site basing our charges on the amount of time it will take to build the site.
As a guide a 'simple' page with logo, navigation, headings, up to 5 photo images, and text will cost £90 (providing the artwork involved in the logo headings and navigation is already available or relatively simple). The cost of the 'homepage' tends to be more (usually £350) to allow for the design work involved in creating or adapting a company logo, deciding on the sites colour scheme, background, fonts etc. and developing a suitable site navigation system.
All updates charged at £12.50/half hour.
No unexpected bills, no hidden costs or fees, no mandatory contracts.

Additional Costs;

  • Hosting

    We can arrange for your site to be hosted at cost by a dedicated hosting service. The cost of such hosting services varies depending on the features required by your site but as a guide the hosting for most sites can currently be arranged at a cost price of £94/annum.

  • Domains

    Your own unique domain name - etc. We can currently arrange this on your behalf at a cost price of £10 annually (£10 for / £15 for .com).

  • Email

    Your own unique e-mail accounts - e.g. - can currently be arranged at no extra cost.